You, Katsu, are the pilot of a spaceship for long-distance travel and exploration. Once again you are sent to deep space, but something went wrong. The sending coordinates have gone astray and you have arrived at an unknown place filled with hostile creatures. There is no way back and you have to fight the last fight. Katsu's last fight.

In the game you are expected:
- 4 types of weapons that can be installed on four sides;
- 7 types of modifications;
- 4 types of enemies.

The game is also available on Google Play

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Fighting, Shooter
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Funny, Godot, Low-poly, Singleplayer, Space

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I got level 59 before I got distracted and died. I had a score of 123,517.

Here's my setup, my weapons consisted of triple homing missiles on the front, left and right (homing missiles are very broken) and direct triple lasers on the back. My modifications were Repulsive shield, damage shield, (a very strong duo) healing and damage resistance.

The end will be in my nightmares 

Hello, I love this game.
If you're planning update version, it would be good get other type of enemies after 15th minute - when you play it multipe times it starts to be repetetime after this time.

Hey I really like this game.  I like the variations of weapons and boosts you can apply to each slot.  Great idea, simple but varied and progressive.  Its alot like my Asteroids of Life game...

This was really fun, it's a very solid "survivor" roguelike. If I were to make any changes maybe i would add more synergies and/or something to make it stand out